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In English

Stockholms Manskör (Stockholm Men’s Choir) consists of around 30 singers who give traditional concerts, but also socialize with the audience, often while enjoying a joint supper after the concert. This concept, which is called “Dîner Spectacle”, was launched and refined during the choir’s highly appreciated tours to the French Riviera in 2012 and 2014, and to Canada and USA in 2015. It has since then characterized the choir’s brand.

Most of the singers of Stockholms Manskör have been trained in the world famous singing fraternity Orphei Drängar from Uppsala, Sweden. The conductor of Stockholms Manskör is, and has been for many years, Håkan Sund; conductor, pianist, composer, arranger and former teacher at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. Håkan Sund combines musical exhilaration with never-failing musical quality.

The repertoire is often Nordic with composers like Edvard Grieg, Hugo Alfvén, Jean Sibelius, sometimes spiced with international hits like Bridge over Troubled Water, Fever, Deep River, and other international songs in various versions. Frequent rehearsals involve quality enhancing goals for Stockholms Manskör, not only to keep the voice in shape but also the final destination: to be able to offer a splendid musical experience to a choosy audience.